Burning Man 2023 a Year for the Books

This is an image of a 70 foot geodesic event dome with a custom printed cover of the earth at Burning Man music festival 2023 by seniorproductions.com for Agave Lounge

You have heard of burning man. And maybe always wanted to go. Well this year was one for the books. The beauty is like no other. Self reliance in a typically dry dusty background. This year, Mother Nature had a different card to play. It released the dam and let the desert full of passion seekers, with a few days of sheer mud. That the looks of what my imagination always perceived Woodstock to be.

this is an image of a geodesic event dome at Burning Man festival with people on bikes around it by seniorproductions.com
this is an image of a geodesic event dome under construction at burning man festival by seniorproductions.com

And from this moisture rose an amazing phenomenon of humans stripped of their costumes and guard. Burning man was declared a national disaster and our dome with its fluffy “clean” turquoise carpet with the printed dome overhead provided a safe haven. The first night was a celebration of life that can only be describes as heavenly. Camps from all around came to share our space. Special big shout out to Agave Lounge. People are truly precious in times of peril. The following day was a bit more awakening to the desperate circumstances we were placed in. But it only fueled the fire of love that rose from the situation. And by the third day we had a movie night with popcorn smoothies and back rubs. Burning man will always knock you off your feet. But this year it reassured my belief in the MAGIC of the human heart.

Agave lunge. Much more than a lounge.

An event dome at Burning Man by Senior Productions
An event dome by Senior Productions

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